Audio Samples


Obtaining audio samples is generally a good idea, regardless of the DAW one has.
One is able to find many different resources for percussion, melodies, foley, etc. 
with little-to-no copyright restrictions. Below are some sites I enjoy.


Described as a "collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds,"

there are thousands of audio files with practically no copyright restriction.

I say "practically" because I have come across a few files, where creators ask

that they are credited for the sample, but one can otherwise sell the track

and not have to pay royalties on the sample.

Below are some of the samples that can be found



Similar to freesound, but entirely royalty free. No need to double check

to see if it's a sample where the creator asks for credit, as with freesound. 

Also has some free music software (.vst/.au plug-ins)


Another royalty free website, with nice organization and concise links. 

Only caveat, is one has to register an account, in order to download them

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