Music Software (.vst/.au plug-ins)


Music Software is another incredibly helpful tool with making music

They come in the form of .vst files for PC, and .au for Apple computers

They tend to be generators (in that they "generate" sound), or effects, such

as reverb, chorus, bitcrushing, distortion, etc.

There are some plug-ins that don't fall into either category, but

those are typically novelty, or very specific in their use





A website that catalogues most plug-ins, free or not.

Has a fairly in-depth search engine, so one can sort to see free ones only.

Below is an audio clip of a C Major chord played on a plug-in

called "Phybes" with a reverb plug-in called "Ambience,"

both available through kvraudio



A very comprehensive website with both plug-ins, and audio samples.

Has lists categorizing by plug-in type, as well.



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